Extended stays for your employees in Amsterdam.

Hotelshousing allows companies to book an extended stay between 10 days and 6 months in the most comfortable Amsterdam-based hotels.

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Why companies use
our service

  • We are specialized in extended stays in hotels. Thanks to our partner hotels, we provide offers tailored specifically for relocating employees to Amsterdam.

  • We offer special prices for extended stays that you will not find on other platforms due to our private search environment.

  • We can process multiple orders for several employees at once.

Receive the best deals to the most comfortable Amsterdam-based hotels.

1. Fill out the form

Specify the dates, the number of guests, and other preferences. You may search as a company manager or as an employee. The information will be used to understand your needs and offer tailored deals.

2. Select an offer

We will send you verified and tailored offers from our partner hotels in Amsterdam within 24 hours. Choose the one that suits the best. 

3. Confirm the booking

After the booking is confirmed by the hotel, we will send you an agreement and an invoice. After the payment, the booking is fully confirmed. See you in Amsterdam!


Who is Hotelshousing for?

  • Multinational Companies

  • Scaleups & Startups

  • Freelancers

  • Expats

We are here to accommodate your or your employees' needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be included in the offers that I will receive from Hotelshousing?

Hotel names, room types, pictures, fees, cancellation policies, details of additional services if requested (e.g. a conference room).

The Hotelshousing platform is only focusing on extended stays and business travels. We joined forces with our network of hotels to offer the best deals and facilitate business trips.

It is based on each hotel's specific cancellation policy.

Why are the Hotelshousing prices competitive?

What is the cancellation policy of Hotelshousing?